Falling Short


(By: Janet L. Moore)

The gracious critique

Of my first attempt

Was quite acceptable

It seemed I got carried away

With poetic expressions

Forgetting and ignoring

The real intent of the piece

So today, I shall focus

I shall make amends

And let my words convey

My thoughts, my feelings

Of Monday’s enquiring session

The term dyad

Was unfamiliar to some

In groups of two

We assessed ourselves

Somehow I was not perturbed

My scores ranked me

As a middleman?

As expected

A lot of sometimes

One never

Which was in fact

Dead right

I was no exhibitionist

In discussions

With my partner

I was somewhat disquieted

Somewhat perturbed

About the numerical significance

Of my scores

On sociability

Although in the middle

I felt a little dismayed

As if somehow


I had fallen short

Of my responsibility

Whatever could have caused

Such feelings of uneasiness


I must examine the cause

For my score

Was quite reasonable

By any standard

Why this persistent feeling

As though I erred

Have somehow

Missed the mark

Eluded my calling

And fallen short


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