Love Returned Home

(Based on 1 Cor. 13)

Love returned home
To find a usurper in her place
Spread out and sitting comfortably
Enjoying the trust of her children
Whose eyes have been blinded
Mired in lies and deceit
They have become ignorant
Of the ways of their mother
Succumbing to the darkness
Which appears to be light
Mother Love uttered a deep groan
But did not despair
For love is patient

Love sat on the sidelines
For many months and years
Beckoning to her wayward children
Entreating them to evict
Dispose of the great imposter
Thereby giving her a chance once more
To reign in their hearts again
Discarding boastfulness and envy
Eliminating cunning self-seeking pride
Dispelling anger with quiet dignity
She sat alone but in constant hope
Keeping no record of wrongs
For love perseveres

Love’s perfection is rare
It stills the evil tongues delights
In the constant spreading of mayhem.
No childish pouting and tantrums
For dear trustworthy Love
Her truths are steadfast and reliable
Can stand up to the test of time
Her deeds elevates the heart and mind
To a place where maturity sits
Reigning in queenly wisdom
Love is no resounding gong
No clanging cymbal is she
For love is excellent


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