(J.L Moore -28/2/06)

Poignant and pregnant

That’s how it was this week

As they shared

The experiences screamed

Pain and turmoil

I felt the pain

As if it were my own

Like a living creature

It gnawed assiduously

At the emotions

Threatening to tear apart

The very soul


In essence this sharing

Allowed a strange bonding

Provided a common assuaging

Of spirits in danger

From ghastly wounding

Which could irrepairably

Damage outlook and outcome

And renders one

Hopeless and helpless

Crippled by memories

Of life’s encounters

Life’s little challenges


The pain shouted

The prayer comforted

As if the Lord Himself

Sat in our midst

Suffering with us

Suffering for us

Just as He did before

On Calvary’s cross

I felt relief and awe

At the wonder

The awesome power

Of the hand of God



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