Uncle Nunce

J. L. Moore (January 2013)

He was a rare creature

Whose diminutive frame

Remains a fuzzy memory

In the recesses of my mind

Physically speaking

He was not striking

Yet he stands apart somehow

He was an old man

A solitary man

Surrounded by family

Yet living in a world of his own


We might surmise that

Apparently life’s unfairness

Has dealt him quite a blow

For his intellect was intact

Stature and mannerisms

Branded him an outcast

Living on the periphery

Of acceptable society

But good old Nunce

Loved his simple life

He was at peace with himself


Uncle Nunce it seems

Was clearly a perfectionist

Some would say he was indeed

Without the shadow of a doubt

Very very strange

Quite an eccentric

The firewood he collected

Day after day

Was meticulously aligned

Carefully put together

To suit his fastidious taste


A poor but proud man

He was quite content

And somewhat independent

For although he ate willingly

From the family pot

He was not deterred

From preparing his own meal

So as the darkness descends

Firewood started crackling

And Nunce would concoct

Quite a sumptious meal


He was kind to others

A gentle man, I am told

But would not tolerate impertinence

Even from his very next of kin

He would simply dismiss

Any such attempts

With a brisk old proverb

Adjust his stance

To his full diminutive frame

Then return to his previous chore

Quite content to lay the matter to rest


I guess you could say

His permanent dress style

Would most likely represent

The poor man’s version of stylish

Always clean and neatly attired

Shirt well tucked in his pants

Which were immaculately rolled

To a precise mid calf length

Securely held together at the waist

With some sort of belt or cord

Everything in place and intact


Uncle Nunce had no wife

As far as anyone could tell

He had no children of his own

No sons to bear his name

Yet as a matter of course

He could quite seriously recite

And with great flourish and joy

The number of offsprings

He has gallantly produced

With names for each one

Yes, he was capable of that



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