Freedom to Soar

( by Janet L. Moore- 28/2/06)

Think of it!

It’s really amazing!

We all walk around


Carrying such loads

Wearing our fixed masks

Designed to conceal

And if possible

Keep at bay

Trials and tribulations

The pain and sorrows

Which invades and permeates

Our entire being

Goading and jeering

As we proceed


I discern the beat

The sound and the clamour

Of pounding heartbeats

Vibrating the very fibre

The essence of our being

Strange sounds

Insistent sounds

Pushing and pressing

At souls in conflict

Yearning and pleading

For release from bondage

Freedom to be

Freedom to soar

Skyward once more


My heart sang out

A song, a plea

Marvellous, victorious

Spirit of grace

Come take the burdens

Come set the captives free

Come sweet Jesus

Wounded, chastised

Acquainted with grief

Bearer of transgressions

Yet undefiled

Remover of inequities

Man of sorrows

Our precious Lamb




I shuddered

I felt concerned

Convicted yet convinced

Of the presence  & permanence

Of grace, much greater

So much greater

Than we know

Can imagine

For unknown to us

Through our turmoil

We eluded and deprived

Insanity of its hold

Its stifling gripping clutches

Its intent to deceive


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