Thoughts of an Offspring

J.L. Moore (March 10, 2016)


When I was young

I found myself in the eyes

Of my doting grandmother

Her eyes were dull

But they beamed with love

And sizzled with kindness

Her frail frame displayed the ravages

Of a time past

When she too was young



Physically at the peak of perfection

With sharp teeth

Bright glowing eyes

And great instincts.


When I became older

I saw myself in the eyes

Of my vibrant mother

Her eyes were slightly brighter

And she showed her love

As she cared for her children

Now her robust frame



To the harsh pull of gravity

But  a sharp mind

And incredible humour

Still emerges

Displayed magnificently

To those she meets


Today I look in the mirror

And saw my mother

Staring back at me

Clothed in my frame

With uncanny resemblance

I was truly amazed

Now I face the realization



And without much doubt

Gravity has taken hold


My once taut flesh

And as one poet states it

I am becoming my mother




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